Plants Available in the following grades ;  

  • one year old plants (0 + 1): 4/6 6/8 8/10 10/12 12/14 14 + mm.  
  • two year old plants (1 + 1): 6/8 8/10 10/12 12/14 and 14 + mm.  

Other  grades are negotiable. 

Malus M9 T337

East Malling Research Station

Growing power
By using the M9 rootstock, the vigor of the tree can be reduced to 40% relative to seedlings. Because the M9 rootstock is the most widely used and the best known rootstock, it is often used as a reference for the giving of an indication of de vigor of other rootstocks.

Indication mapping of the vigor from B9 rootstock
Rootstock Growing power
Seedling 100%
MM106 70%
M7 60%
M26 50%
G 41 47%
M9 RN 29 45%
G 11 43%
M9 T337 / B9 40%
M9 FL 56 35%
M27 30%

Resistant / tolerant to

The M9 rootstock is probably the most widely used apple rootstock and therefor it is often considered as the standard rootstock. The M9 T337 rootstock is less suitable for a climate with severe winters because of the sensitivity for severe frost. Besides this, the growth of the trees can become too weak in case of soil exhaustion in case of replantation.

Available sortings
3-5 mm

5-7 mm

7-9 mm

8-10 mm

10-12 mm

12-14 mm

14+ mm

Divergent sortings on consultation



Malus M9 T337


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