Nursery Van Diepen is a family company with more than 50 years of experience with the planting of fruit trees. The past 50 years our company developed to a leading Nursery in the Netherlands.

We have not only Dutch fruit growers as costumers  but also fruit growers in other countries of Europe and abroad Europe. Besides the planting of fruit trees, the production of rootstocks is also an important branch at our company for which we have costumers all over the world. Not only the planting of fruit trees and rootstocks is very important for us but also the development of our assortment of varieties. The developing of new varieties is a continuous process for us so we can expand our leading position in the market.

Our most important mission is to produce fruit trees and rootstocks from top quality for our customers all over the world. This because it is very important for us that the fruit growers can plant trees from us of top quality. This means that the quality of our products is the most important thing for us. This is why we use NAK-certificated material for all our trees and rootstocks. We have an very comprehensive assortment in order to fit all the expectations from our costumers all over the world.

Our permanent employees are very committed with our company to achieve our objectives. In peak times there are seasonal workers at our company to support our permanent employees.

Boomkwekerijen C. van Diepen B.V.


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8256 PE Biddingshuizen  
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