About us

Van Diepen Tree Nursery Company established since 1964.

Van Diepen Tree Nursery Company established since 1964.  

We have grown into a nursery that specializes in the cultivation and trade of Malus Domestica fruit tree rootstocks. Annually our production consists of more than 10,000,000 plants. Our climate and soil are perfect for growing high quality plants.  

Geographically we are located in the largest PZ Erwiam zone in the Netherlands.  

We manufacture not only for Europe but also Overseas markets. Within our company, we have a seperate department for washing and packaging rootstocks destined for “distant” destinations. 

We only work with experienced people and advanced machines  to meet your desire for reliable and high-quality planting material

We only start our propagation with starting material from the propagation nurseries VNL. In addition, there are regular inspections of NAK-Tuinbouw during the growth season. https://www.naktuinbouw.com  

We can supply you with Elite certified planting material. A reliable product that meets the highest phytosanitary requirements. 


Boomkwekerijen C. van Diepen B.V.

Prof. Zuurlaan 6 Tel: +31 (0) 321 331210
8256 PE Biddingshuizen Email: info@vandiepen.nl