Geneva rootstocks

Advice and Practice Experiences with Geneva® Rootstocks

You have chosen to plant a Geneva® rootstock, supplied by Boomkwekerij van Diepen and grown in our own nursery. To make this cultivation a success, we advise you to pay serious attention to several things.

Handle with Care
Handle the rootstocks with care. This includes activities such as grubbing, transferring and planting. The roots of the Geneva® rootstocks break relatively easily, so avoid root breakage at all costs !! Handle with Care !!

Store the rootstocks at a low temperature (0-1 Celsius) and ensure that the rootstocks receive enough moisture. Do not store the rootstocks together with fruits. It should be taken into consideration that the period in which the rootstocks are not refrigerated, e.g. when you are winter grafting (table / bench grafting). If the rootstock is not being handled, return it to the cold store a.s.a.p.

Growth Rootstock / Graft
It is recommendable that the Geneva® rootstocks which are used for table grafting, are grafted at an early time then the M types. This enables storage after grafting in the cold store for approximately 1 month. This ensures that the fusion of rootstock/graft is stimulated, providing better results after planting.

Planting of the Rootstocks
The roots must be sufficiently moist before planting and must be protected against dehydration due to wind and direct sunlight. Immediately after planting, press down the soil so that the rootstock is firmly planted into the ground and the roots are in contact with the soil. Make sure the soil is sufficiently moist after planting as well. If this does not happen naturally, sprinkle or drip water over the rootstock.

Good luck.

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