Malus M9 RN29

Mutation of Malling 9 (M9)

Growing power
The RN29 rootstock has a higher vigor than the M9 T337

Indication mapping of the vigor from B9 rootstock
Rootstock Growing power
Seedling 100%
MM106 70%
M7 60%
M26 50%
CG 41 47%
M9 RN 29 45%
CG 11 43%
M9 T337 / B9 40%
M9 FL 56 35%
M27 30%

Resistant / tolerant to


Because of the higher vigor it gives more and longer side wood. Gives a large number of well rooted plants on the stoolbed. The leaves of the RN29 rootstock are more crenelated and have a slightly more yellow colour, compared to the M9 T337.


Available sortings

3-5 mm

5-7 mm

6-8 mm

8-10 mm

10-12 mm

12-14 mm

Divergent sortings on consultation


Malus M9 RN29


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