Malus B9

The Budagovski 9 (B9) is a Russian rootstock from origin.

Growing power
Comparable with M9 T337

Indication mapping of the vigor from B9 rootstock
Rootstock Growing power
Seedling 100%
MM106 70%
M7 60%
M26 50%
CG 41 47%
M9 RN 29 45%
CG 11 43%
M9 T337 / B9 40%
M9 FL 56 35%
M27 30%

Resistant / tolerant to
Resistant to fire blight

The B9 rootstock has a good winter hardiness and is less sensitive to drought than the M9 T337. These characteristics makes the B9 rootstock more suitable for colder regions with more drought sensitive soils. Furthermore this rootstock has showy red leaves. 

Available sortings
6-8 mm

8-10 mm

10-12 mm

12-14 mm

Divergent sortings on consultation



Malus B9


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